A different take on the ageless tale of Snow White and her Prince, a scheming jealous queen, a magic mirror, and seven happy friends. Let us take you on a journey to the happily- ever-after where love conquers evil and where there are universal lessons to be learned through catchy songs, funny dialogue, and sprightly dancing.

It’s fun for the whole family!

Join us starting September 16 until December 17, 2023 at Onstage Theater, Greenbelt 1.

Buy tickets now at:

Ticket2Me: https://bit.ly/REPSWATPTicket2Me

Ticket World: https://bit.ly/REPSWATPTicketWorld

For interested show buyers, send us an email at sales@repphil.org or marketing@repphil.org or contact us at 09669054013

Show Dates:

  • Sept 16 – 10:30AM 
  • Sept 24 – 4:30PM 
  • Sept 30 – 1:30PM
  • Oct 1 – 4:30PM 

Ticket Prices:

  • Orchestra Center P1500
  • Orchestra Side P1000
  • Balcony P800

Frequently Asked questions:

Is the Musical in English or Filipino? 
  • The entire run of the show shall be in English. 

Is the Show Suitable for All Ages? 

  • Yes, the show is for the whole family to enjoy.

Is there a Dress Code to be Followed?

  • There is no strict dress code for the Onstage Theatre at Greenbelt 1.

Can the Tickets be Bought on the Venue itself?

  • Tickets are selling out fast, yes. However, to secure your guaranteed tickets, you may purchase directly via Ticket2Me and TicketWorld.

Are Vaccination Cards and Masks Required?

  • Masks are required, but no need for vaccination cards
What is the show’s running time? 
  • 1hr and 30 minutes

Can the Tickets be Bought on the Venue itself?

  • Tickets are selling out fast! Secure your seat by purchasing directly via Ticket2Me and TicketWorld.

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Our next Workshop Season for Musical Theater is scheduled for June-July 2024.

Please stay tuned for announcements.