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Why I Love Theater

(Manila Bulletin, 24 August 1987)
by Bibot Amador

This Thursday we are opening a new play at Repertory Philippines called “Aren’t We All,” a very charming and elegant comedy about love on different planes — comic, young and mature. It is also about the kind of wisdom which comes with age, that wonderful time of life when “humor takes the place of anger, and tolerance takes the place of disappointment.”

Some of our critics will throw up their hands and say, there goes Rep again with their irrelevant, escapist comedies! But if to dwell on anger and intolerance is irrelevant, the simple fact is, I’d rather be irrelevant. Life, after all, is what you dwell on. When people dwell on negative things, somehow I feel that life loses much of its luster. 

Again, from our forthcoming musical “ Zorba the Greek”, comes the kernel of wisdom from Zorba whose only distinction is that he has a zest for life and lives it to the fullest. His philosophy of life can be summed up in one of the dialogues he is given to speak. He says:

“When my little boy died, everyone cried, they screamed. Naturally. Do you know what I did? I danced. They thought I was mad. I had too much pain. It had to come out… Don’t you see? Death’s going to come, it’s part of life. It will come to you today, tomorrow. Someone shoots you and you’re dead. Or you die in bed… It comes to all of us… Every animal, every flower, every man… The only real death is the death you die every day by not living.”

To people in theater, art speaks a universal language. It does not matter whether an American or Filipino or a Greek speaks the truth. As long as it is the truth, the world is illuminated that much more, life becomes more understandable and people understand one another better. Since time began, this has always been the function of art — to teach man how to live.

Life, after all, is too short for trivia. Too sweet for animosity. Too precious for the negative. I love the theater because, always and ever, it celebrates life and love.

The Quest for the Adarna: Streaming X Soaring

It was one of the most anticipated online events this summer. On March 20, 2021, at a minute past midnight, the streaming began.

The Quest for the Adarna, bestowed both the Aliw and Gawad Buhay Awards for Best Musical Production for Children in 2019, soared to new heights. It was now a spectacular online theatrical adventure!

How the stage production transformed beautifully into a musical film fantasy was simply remarkable. Our partner, Cignal, produced an eye-popping, sumptuous video – a masterpiece in high definition. Their masterful camerawork made us truly appreciate the superb performances delivered by the cast members.

The video brought us up close and personal to this very creative production – Luna Griño-Inocian’s imaginative book, Ronny Fortich’s stirring original music, creative direction by Joy Virata and co-direction by Jamie Wilson and Naths Everett.

We were not at all surprised that we had viewers not only here in the Philippines but also in the USA.

If you or someone you know missed the experience, fret not. The Quest for the Adarna will be streaming and soaring again very soon.

(One of the most fascinating characters in the production was the Hermit, outstandingly portrayed by Noel Rayos. Noel is the latest subject of our video series, Confessions of a Repper. This video debuts in this newsletter.)

When We Come Home Again: An Encore

Last year, just before Christmas, we premiered our music video, When We Come Home Again. It was REP’s gift to the country to keep performing arts alive and etched in the hearts and minds of Filipinos. It was for the artists who performed and created, and the audiences who loved the theater.

So after much anticipation, the video was released to a clamoring public. But through all the excitement, one question lingered in the back of people’s minds – when is REP coming home again?

While planning and filming the video, REP was fully committed to returning onstage this year – Carousel in July followed by Snow White and the Prince in September. But alas, of late, REP cannot fully control the imminent future.

The Philippine government has kept theaters closed indefinitely. So for now, REP can’t come home to Onstage just yet. But soon, we will. Bear with us just a little while longer until that curtain rises again.

For now, let’s re-live the poignancy, the hopefulness of When We Come Home Again.

(When We Come Home Again was recently streamed in one of the video platforms of Tuloy Po Kayo: Palihan. Palabas. Palitan. The CCP’s Online Multi-Arts Open Community Festival)

REP’s RTYA Children’s Theater
Broadway Online’s production of

Book, Music and Lyrics by Rick Hip-Flores
Streaming into your homes
from November 15 – December 15, 2021
Directed by Joy Virata

This production combines the time-honored tradition of Christmas cookies with the ever popular phenomenon of reality baking competitions. In this musical, eight young cookie chefs have been selected from all over the country to battle it out for first prize at the Cookie Coliseum. Just as no two cookies are the same, each contestant reveals their unique personality through song. Suspense mounts as the chefs are eliminated one by one, by three distinguished celebrity judges. Over the course of the competition, feelings of intense rivalry give way to virtues of charity, family, and forgiveness, as the chefs learn what really makes for a winning Christmas recipe.

This show has been reworked so families and children can watch REP’s artists perform The Great Christmas Cookie Bakeoff! from the safety of your own homes via streaming.

Carousel and Snow White: An Update

Due to the on-going pandemic and in keeping with the Philippine government’s mandates, the following two productions are postponed for a later date.

Both productions are rescheduled to sometime in 2022. As soon as we have the dates firmed up, you will be one of the first to know!

Our Workshops Are Online All Year

Maybe you just want to speak or move with more style. Perhaps you just want to have more confidence. Or maybe you really want to perfect your singing technique, perhaps make that first move to becoming a Star.

REP’s Workshop for the Performing Arts can help you with these goals through our Musical Theater and Voice Classes. Our workshops are conducted by the very best – REP’s seasoned, veteran actors.

Workshops are online with monthly classes all year. Next classes are scheduled on:

May 10 – June 5, 2021
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12 Sessions Per Class, Fee: ₱6,000

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Confessions of a Repper: Noel Rayos Confesses

“There is something inside you that demands to be expressed!”

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