Our vision is to contribute to the growth and development of theatrical arts, where artists can flourish, audiences can connect, and the impact of theater resonates across communities. Together, we strive to build a future where the power of theater enriches lives on a broader scale, leaving an enduring legacy for generations to come.

For the last fifty-six years, REP has sought to teach, promote and develop the performing arts for Philippine cultural growth.   We have achieved this vision.

Through our RTYA (Repertory Theater for Young Audiences), which is our Children’s Theatre, we will inspire and help children make theatre an active part of their lives. We envision a community where every child has access to drama and theatre; where every city has a theatre for young audiences; where every community has a youth theatre; where every school has a theatre arts curriculum. 

We envision a time when the full spectrum of the theatre arts becomes a pervasive part of our landscape. We celebrate the courage and creativity of those artists and educators who freely do this work even as we have connected, inspired, and supported them in their profession throughout our fifty-six years.